Final Look Inspection Services LLC is owned and operated by Doug Hoerth who is a Certified Home Inspector and has been involved in the construction and housing industry his entire career. Since 2003, Doug has performed inspections for hundreds of satisfied clients throughout Wisconsin. 
In this industry there is no substitute for hiring a professional with experience, training, and current certifications. Contact us today!


Wisconsin Home Inspector #1274-106
When Home Inspectors say they are certified, licensed or registered by the sate of Wisconsin, this is the credential that is required. To become registered you have to take a competency test administrated by NHIE (the National Home Inspectors Examination) which is a credible and fair exam. However, it is important to note that you can pass this exam and still have no or little experience performing actual home inspections. Always ask your inspector how long or how many home inspections they have performed.


FHA Fee Inspector #Y913
This is a certification needed to do inspections for FHA loans.
203(K) Consultant- HUD #D0870
This certifies that we are able to inspect and do consultant work on your home that is under the 203(K) loan rehab program that is offered by HUD/FHA. The 203K loan program is used to rehab your house, either just as you purchase or remodel your existing home.

  • 203K HUD Consultant & FHA Fee Inspections
    Work Write-ups
    Draw Inspections
    Completion Inspections
  • Residential Inspections
    Old Houses
    Newly Constructed Houses
    For Sale by Owner
  • Commercial Inspections
    Small Commercial Buildings
    Multi-family Buildings
  • Phase Inspections
    Inspections for Bank Draws on New Construction
    Radon Testing-Electronic Radon Monitoring Equipment Used